Industrial Floor Systems

Every industry is different, and when it comes to commercial, institutional and industrial flooring systems, one size definitely does not fit all. Whether you need specialty flooring for a hospital, food processing plant, grocery store, classroom, laboratory or almost any other environment, we have the coatings and treatments you need.

The type of concrete floor coating and other various treatments you need can vary even within a single facility—do you know which flooring systems are best for you? Employee locker room flooring, for example, contrasts greatly in composition and aesthetics from an acid-resistant battery room floor coating, or a high-temperature, high-moisture production area floor. Feel free to contact us if you need to find out more about your flooring need 🙂

Explore our industry flooring solutions to see some useful flooring ideas for your different applications, or let one of our local experts work with you to design a unique concrete flooring system for your budget.

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