Crack Wall Repair

We have met countless of people that suffer from a tiny (ok, not so tiny sometimes) wall cracks. We also witness streams of water flowing down the wall during a rain shower because of these cracks. Yes, wall cracks can be insignificant and negligible when it doesn’t create a leakage issue. But when it does, it is difficult to resolve. This is equally so when leakage happens at window, window frames, its sill, lintel or coping.

Handy man will usually apply some kind of sealant materials to patch the cracks. This can temporarily resolve the leakage issue but never long-term. Over time the cracks will resurface due to micro-vibration of the buildings.As a waterproofing specialist, we use the right materials (premium flexible elastomeric liquid membrane) and right method (reinforce the repair area with microfiber materials) to give you a really, really long lasting crack repair 🙂

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