As a tropical country, Malaysia can get pretty rainy.
And when it rains, it really rains, with storms and gale force winds pounding mercilessly on your property, often followed by searing heat. With weather like this, leaking roofs and walls are largely inevitable at one point or another.
KJ Materials & Services Sdn Bhd is a waterproofing specialist that helps you deal with such inconveniences quickly and effectively.

Our waterproofing specialists are highly trained experts who conduct thorough investigations before recommending and applying fixes using the latest in waterproofing technology. To give our customers extra peace of mind, all of our repairs come with a minimum one year warranty so that you know our fixes really work.

We serve all types of customers, including large multinational corporations, hospitals, SMEs as well as individual residential units (landed and high rise).
We are based in Petaling Jaya, and serve the entire Klang Valley and beyond.


Waterproofing consists of both fixing leaks when they appear as well as preventing leaks from happening in the first place.
Water is a lot more complicated than most people think. It gets everywhere and flows through long, winding, unexpected routes before dripping onto your brand new laptop or ruining your sleep with a surprise shower. It’s often not a simple matter of plugging up holes where the water is dripping from but rather carefully tracking down the root cause of the leak and then using appropriate methods to stop it and similar problems from happening again. This is why you’ll hear stories of waterproofing contractors being unable to stop leaks even after numerous attempts, and why getting a leak is often such a nightmare.

At KJ Materials & Services Sdn Bhd, each of our specialists has at least 10 years experience and training in the field. We perform thorough investigations, making sure we have all the possibilities covered before applying the best possible solution. Even then, we provide generous warranties to ensure that no matter what, our customers are covered.

We take great pride in our professional work ethics and attitude, and the presentation of our work. Every customer is attended to by one of our specialists, who will investigate the problem and provide a detailed consultation and quotation. We only recommend solutions that we feel are most suited to the job, and affordability for the customer is always high among our considerations.

With more complex jobs, we provide detailed investigation reports to more easily explain the scope of work and the actions to be taken, so that the customer has a record of everything that has been done, especially useful if a corporate customer needs to report their expenditures in detail.

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